10/3/2017 Anthony Kirk Great service. The work done quickly and perfectly. I'm up and running again!
6/23/2017 Matt Rauch Quick and painless professional service. I got a quote, scheduled the appointment, and got the serviced done all within a couple days at fair rates.
4/27/2017 Peter Vaughan Fast, no nonsense, knowledgeable.
4/27/2017 Madhu Manohar Excellent service each time I come in...
4/12/2017 Michael Miller Great shop with good people that are excellent technicians.
4/12/2017 Alex Clancy 5
3/2/2017 David Lo Dave and team are great!
2/10/2017 Great service - Dave is super knowledgeable, polite and professional. Saved me a nice bit of money over what the Mercedes dealership would have charge.
11/9/2016 Pete Ellis I had jury duty the day I had my rear brakes worked on. In order to avoid traffic, I left in the wee hours of the morning, and dropped off my keys in the envelop. Around noon, I received a text saying my car was done. Not only was the drop off incredibly convenient for me, but they were also super quick and affordable.
4/25/2016 Ryan Rosenberg Great service. I needed a repair to the air conditioning system. The owner was extremely knowledgeable. He gave me an honest estimate for some work on our BMW 550i. I know it was honest because I was there when he asked the mechanic what he thought it would take. It turns out the work took much less time than the estimate so he charged me much less. The quality of work was great, they are very polite, and they can be trusted. What more can you ask for? I will use them again.