4/3/2018 Michael Miller Friendly, professional, extremely knowledgeable and fair. Who could possibly ask for more from their local mechanic
2/2/2018 Afsaneh Laidlaw My BMW was fixed in a day. I was charged lass than half of the dealership wanted.
2/2/2018 Thomas Kuhn Very competent, fast and professional work.
10/3/2017 Anthony Kirk Great service. The work done quickly and perfectly. I'm up and running again!
6/23/2017 Matt Rauch Quick and painless professional service. I got a quote, scheduled the appointment, and got the serviced done all within a couple days at fair rates.
4/27/2017 Peter Vaughan Fast, no nonsense, knowledgeable.
4/27/2017 Madhu Manohar Excellent service each time I come in...
4/12/2017 Michael Miller Great shop with good people that are excellent technicians.
4/12/2017 Alex Clancy 5
3/2/2017 David Lo Dave and team are great!